Two Heads Are Better Than One
"We wouldn't exactly say were, uh,... Great role models."

((OC for my two characters. The girl is named Pants, and the boy if names Trousers. Only one of them can be out at a time. Will RP with any OC or fandom. Triggers are tagged, tracking 'poodlesliketodoodlenoodles', a lot more info in the links!))

M!A: None
Trousers' Relationship Status: Engaged to Gilbert (imightbehuman)
Pants' Relationship Status: Being courted by her knight (dj-godknight)
((Message me and we can have an AU relationship!))
Pants' Facelaim: Hungary (Hetalia)
Trousers' Faceclaim: Spain (Hetalia)

Need To Know: Trousers' heart has gone out of rhythm, and Pants has begun wheezing a bit as he breathes.
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Pants peeked around the corner at the three men approaching, blinking and eyeing them. “Uhm, hello sirs!”